Black History Month in Spanish – Engaging Resources

Are you looking to for resources to teach black history month in Spanish? Look no further! With these biographies, your students will learn facts about influential leaders while practicing Reading skills and reinforcing their vocabulary in Spanish.

Black History Month in Spanish – Reading Comprehension

Students love learning about influential leaders from the past and the present. Each biography is accompanied by multiple choice and short response questions to reinforce Reading comprehension skills. The biographies also include crossword puzzles that encourage students to go back to the readings and reread the biographies.

Black History Month in Spanish – Vocabulary activities

Vocabulary activities such as “Word Search” and “Unscramble the Words” are great tools to teach students vocabulary in Spanish. After reading the biographies and answering the comprehension questions, the students have fun with the vocabulary activities.

Black History Month in Spanish – Writing Activities

The writing activities such as “Datos interesantes” will encourage your students to share the facts that stood out to hem about the inspiring Afro-Americans. Additionally, there are writing exercises that invite students to express their own perspectives and analyze how African American leaders have transformed our society.

Black History Month in Spanish – FREE Resource

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Teaching in Spanish doesn’t have to be boring. If you use fun and interactive materials like  these biographies for Black History Month, your students will be eager to practice reading skills and learn vocabulary in Spanish.

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